CHI 2016 Update: Workshop Participation

I am thrilled to announce that I will be participating in the CHI16 workshop Bridging the Gap between Privacy by Design and Privacy in Practice .  In the workshop we will be discussing ways to bridge the gap between design and practice. I aim to bring an angle that is rarely discussed in such forums that is cross cultural privacy design.I will talking about my design framework that advocates for culturally sensitive design that is inspired from my research experience working at the Value Sensitive Design lab and the work I’m doing with Arab youth on privacy issues with social media use. For more details please read my accepted position paper titled Culturally Sensitive Design for Privacy: A case study of the Arabian Gulf and if you are in San Jose during CHI16 please come and speak with me.

Published by

Norah Abokhodair

I'm an applied social scientist with a passion for researching and developing the next generation of social and collaborative technologies. Currently, I'm a Research Program Manager at the Microsoft Learning Innovation Lab where our cross-functional team of PMs, UX Researchers, and Software Engineers employ design thinking to discover the future of seamless learning experiences, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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