Update: I am at DIS 2016 – Brisbane

Finally, my dream came true and I made it to Australia!

I am currently in Brisbane, Australia to participate in the DIS 2016 conference. I am excited to partake in the conference in 2 different ways: 1-  I will volunteering with other awesome students from around the world to organize the conference. 2- I will be presenting my paper on “Privacy and Social media in the context of the Arab Gulf,” which is summarized in my last blog post. The paper presentation will be held on Tuesday (June 7th) during the session 5.1 About Design that begins at 13.30 – 14.50. Please feel free to attend if you are around the area.  

Wish me luck!

At the Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art – QAGOMA


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Norah Abokhodair

I'm an applied social scientist with a passion for researching and developing the next generation of social and collaborative technologies. Currently, I'm a Research Program Manager at the Microsoft Learning Innovation Lab where our cross-functional team of PMs, UX Researchers, and Software Engineers employ design thinking to discover the future of seamless learning experiences, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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