Facebook Scraper Update

Hi all,

Thank you to all of our supporters and users for the comments and feedback they shared with us ! Your feedback was heard and an updated app is now available.

URL: http://groupbrowser.azurewebsites.net/

How to use it: 

First thing first, select from the dropdown menu whether it is a page or a group. Then enter the Facebook “page” or “group” name into the text box and the date range. And voila…

What is new: 

1- The results now appear in a table indicating the type of the post (image, text, URL, etc.)

2- We added all the types of posts .. not only text.

Please feel free to share your comments and feedback to help us improve.

***If you are planning to use this tool in your publishable research I would appreciate it if you referenced the tool/blog in your reference list.  The citation style will be for a “website” and the author is Abokhodair, N.

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