Apologies for not being very active in updating my blog but I have been busy trying to get 3 research projects done in the summer on some very interesting topics that vary between: Social botnets, impressions of Saudi Youth Privacy and Security on Facebook, and how to create a Job co-op for homeless youth using the concepts of shared economy. I was also working on preparing my application to attend the IR15 Doctoral Colloquium that starts in Oct 23rd of this year.

Stay tuned to whats coming next…

Published by

Norah Abokhodair

I'm an applied social scientist with a passion for researching and developing the next generation of social and collaborative technologies. Currently, I'm a Research Program Manager at the Microsoft Learning Innovation Lab where our cross-functional team of PMs, UX Researchers, and Software Engineers employ design thinking to discover the future of seamless learning experiences, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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